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Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC) and Sodexo are pleased to announce the return of Spatsizi Remote Services as a new incorporated Joint Venture. Under the new agreement, Sodexo will assume management of the partnership and all employees currently employed by TNDC/Sodexo at the Red Chris Mine will become employees of the Spatsizi Remote Services partnership.

Transitioning to Spatsizi Remote Services Joint Venture aligns with the structure of TNDC’s other business partnerships, in which the partner manages the day-to-day operations and all aspects of employee employment.

With over three decades of partnership, TNDC and Sodexo have developed a strong relationship rooted in mutual respect and shared values. With the Tahltan Nation as the majority owner, creating this new company is a natural step to elevate our partnership and most importantly, contribute to the growth of the Red Chris Mine.

Spatsizi Remote Services will bring together the knowledge, expertise, commitment and experiences from TNDC and Sodexo. We will continue to work together just as we have been doing for decades, this time under one umbrella. This milestone will improve the employee experience and the work environment, aiming at delivering unparalleled services to our clients.

TNDC launched Spatsizi Remote Services Corporation with Sodexo Canada as a joint venture in 2002 to provide housekeeping and catering services. Spatsizi is a large plateau area in Tahltan Territory.

This new venture signifies a commitment to excellence, community growth, and a dedication to providing exceptional services. Together, we look forward to the opportunities and successes that Spatsizi Remote Services will bring to Red Chris Mine and the broader community.

"Renewing TNDC's partnership with Sodexo under the Spatsizi Remote Services name modernizes one of our longest-standing agreements. This joint venture not only underscores our commitment to developing Tahltan talent but also aligns with our partnership strategy, placing emphasis on the cultural importance of the Spatsizi Plateau. We are excited to continue building value with Sodexo, serving our clients as trusted camp service providers, and delivering renewed benefits to the Tahltan Nation." says Todd den Engelsen, CEO, TNDC.

“Formalizing this joint venture between TNDC and Sodexo Canada reflects our shared commitment to enhance the well-being of the community. By pooling our expertise and resources, we will enhance services, create new opportunities and foster economic growth. Our collective efforts will resonate far beyond business – it's about building a thriving ecosystem for everyone.” says Stephane Champagne, Senior Vice President, Sodexo Energy & Resources.



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