Current Projects

TNDC has worked on hundreds of resource, industrial, energy, and highway projects since our inception as a commercial and residential home construction company three decades ago.

The list below highlights the current and past projects TNDC and our business partnerships are working on or completed in the past.

Project Company Work Year
Iskut/Johnny Mountain Seabridge Gold Mine reclamation services: Equipment operators, general labour, camp services Since 2017
KSM Project Seabridge Gold Camp services, Labour, Equipment & Operators Since 2014
Red Chris Mine Imperial Metals Tailing impoundment area construction, Road construction & maintenance, gravel crushing (road & blast hole stemming material), camp services (food services, housekeeping, janitorial & facilities maintenance). Partners: Ore hauling, air transport, fuel, explosives, freight Since 2012
Galore Creek Galore Creek Mining Corporation Heavy construction, access road building & maintenance , earthworks projects, camp services (food services, housekeeping, janitorial & facilities maintenance). Partnerships: camp office & accommodation units since 2005
Iskut Transmission Line Extension BC Hydro Earthworks, Site clearing 2018-2019
Telegraph Creek Airport Recommissioning Tahltan Band Air strip resurfacing 2018-2019
Telegraph Creek Wildfire BC Wildfire Service Equipment & personnel to protect properties (built fire guards, extinguished spot fires and assisted structure protection personnel) & Food Services (for firefighting crews, service providers & evacuees) 2018
Telegraph Creek townsite cleanup Tahltan Band Prime contractor in charge of cleanup and recovery; equipment and personnel for debris removal; subdivision site development - excavation, access road s 2018
Tahltan River Slide Remediation Department of Fisheries & Oceans Clearing & site access construction, heavy equipment & operator 2018
Telegraph Creek Solid Waste Transfer Station Regional District of Kitimat Stikine Site clearing & development, buildings and platforms Construction , site office water and sewer installation 2017-2019
Eskay Creek Project Skeena Resources Equipment operators, general labourers 2017-2018
Eskay Mine Road AltaGas Road stabilization upgrade 2017
Golden Bear Road Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations Concrete barrier replacement, 3 Bridges 2017
Bob Quinn Airport Navigation Canada Airstrip & parking lot gravel resurfacing project 2017
Gamma Creek Culvert Replacement Project Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure Equipment services 2017
Northwest Hydroelectric Projects AltaGas Inc. Road maintenance, labour services 2013
Small highways projects throughout Tahltan territory Ministry of Highways, Emcon, Lakes District Management Road construction, earthworks, labour services, bridge installation, gravel hauling, rip rap hauling 1996-Present

Past Projects

The table below the major projects TNDC has worked on over the past two decades:

Project Company Work Year
NTL Access Roads BC Hydro Clear/remediate access roads 2017-2018
Dease Lake Airport Navigation Canada Road upgratde 2017
Brucejack Project Pretium Resources Earthworks, road alignment 2014-2016
Northwest Transmission Line Gitxsan Development Corporation TNDC: Right of way clearing, road construction, earthworks, labour Partnerships: Powerline construction 2014-2015
Schaft Creek Teck/Copper Fox Camp and catering services 2014
Hluey Lakes hydro facility Regional Power Earthworks (construction repair) 2014
Tatogga to Red Chris line Power Line Artic Arrow Power Line Group Earthworks 2014
Red Chris Transmission Line Arctic Arrow Powerline Group TNDC: Right of way clearing, road construction, earthworks, labour, camp services, mechanical services Partnerships: Powerline construction 2014
Northwest Hydroelectric Projects AltaGas TNDC: Road construction/ earthworks, camp services, crew transport Partnerships: Tunnelling, medical services 2013-2016
Northwest Transmission Line Valard Construction TNDC: Right of way land clearing, road construction, earthworks, labour, camp services, crew transport Partnerships: Powerline construction 2013-2015
Iskut Extension Transmission Line Rockstad TNDC: Right of way clearing, road construction, earthworks, labour, camp services Partnerships: Powerline construction 2013-2014
Bob Quinn & Tatogga substations BC Hydro TNDC: Right of way clearing, earthworks, labour Partnerships: Installation 2012-2014
Various exploration services throughout Tahltan territory Various companies Transportation, camp preparation, camp services, labour services 2011-2014
Galore Creek Project Novagold TNDC: Road construction, earthworks, labour, camp services, mechanical services, crew transport Partnerships: Medical services 2008
Klappan Coal Bed Methane Shell Oil Road construction 2008
Eskay Creek Mine Barrick Gold Corp TNDC: Road construction, road maintenance, earthworks, camp services Partnerships: Ore hauling 2005-2012
Oil field mat fabrication throughout Tahltan territory Various Fabrication 2005-2009
Golden Bear Mine GoldCorp Road construction, road maintenance, earthworks, camp services 2001-2010
Hluey Lakes micro facility Stikine Power Corp Road construction, earthworks, labour services 2001-2003
Water main & water treatment plant Tahltan Band Earthworks, installation (for Telegraph Creek & Dease Lake) 2001
Water main & pump house Bell II Earthworks, installation 2001
Zeta Creek Iskut Band Earthworks 2000
Dease lake Regional Health Centre Ministry of Health Commercial construction 2000
Residential home construction Iskut & Tahltan Bands Residential construction 1990-2000
  • TNDC is a great place to work. The atmosphere in the office is friendly, open, and honest, and there is always humour and laughter. I like that TNDC maintains an active approach of hiring locally and offers training within that position. Employees are highly encouraged and supported to advance professionally, which ripples into advancing personally as well.
    Rhonda Quock
    Finance & Administration Manager, TNDC
  • We established the Tahltan Macro Industries Joint Venture with TNDC in 2009. Macro is very satisfied with the relationship we have with TNDC. The company has a reputation of being a solid and reputable business corporation, that emphasizes value added partnerships and business developments. We look forward to working with TNDC in future opportunities.
    Darcy Friesen
    Manager of Business Development & Special Projects, Macro Industries
  • We formed our Tahltan Aeronigma Geodis Wilson partnership in 2011. It’s been an honour to partner with TNDC for the opportunity to provide our wide-range of global logistical services and be a part of a world class organization built on mutual cooperation, trust and respect. They’re a terrific group of educated, business friendly people eager to learn and work with us.
    Adam J. Wickstead
    President, Aeronigma Solutions Inc.
  • We worked with TNDC on the Galore Creek mining project and the Northwest Transmission Line, providing heavy lift helicopter services. It made good business sense to get involved with the Nation, so we formed Tahltan Helifor Joint Venture in 2011. After meeting Bill Adsit, I knew we had made the right decision. We have had only positive experiences and look forward to continued collaboration.
    Gary Laidlaw
    President & General Manager, Helifor Canada Corp.
  • Sodexo Canada has been a partner with TNDC since 2002, providing complete camp management through Spatsizi Remote Services. During this time we have worked on many projects, and employed many Tahltan members. It’s been very positive, and the business relationships have formed long lasting personal and business friendships.
    Ivor MacGregor
    Vice President, Operations, Sodexo Canada Ltd.