Business Partners

As official business partners of TNDC, the companies listed below are the preferred service providers operating in Tahltan Territory, recognized by the Tahltan Nation.


Alpine Helicopters Inc.

Todd Johnson

Email: tjohnson[at]
Phone: 780.217.3005

Alpine Helicopters is a TNDC partnership providing helicopter charter services in Tahltan Territory. Alpine Helicopters has been offering safe, efficient and cost effective helicopter services since 1961. It has now evolved into a world class company, with seven locations in Western Canada, specializing in Exploration, Tourism, Heli-Skiing, Wildfire Management, Back-Country Rescue, Siviculture, Power-line Maintenance and all facets of commercial helicopter operations. With over 250 years combined industry experience amongst senior management and a pilot roster that boasts, on average, 7,000 hours of flying time each, you can trust that Alpine has the knowledge and capability to meet your helicopter support service needs. Our fleet of over 40 Helicopters has a reputation for safety, maintenance and quality service that is second to none.  Our affiliation with Alpine Aerotech, a Platinum Certified Bell Customer Service Facility, provides Alpine with ready access to industry leading, comprehensive helicopter support and aircraft maintenance services.

Central Mountain Air

Douglas McCrea

Email: douglas.mccrea[at]
Phone: 250.877.5019

Central Mountain Air Ltd. is TNDC’s partner providing passenger charter air services. Central Mountain Air (CMA) is a Canadian regional airline with ongoing commitment to providing safe, reliable and cost- effective air services (general passenger, workforce logistics, cargo and Medevac) to the organizations and communities its serves. CMA’s headquarters are in Smithers, BC with operational facilities in Vancouver, Calgary, Prince George and Smithers.


Summit Air & Helicopters

Matthew McElligott

Email: matthew.mcelligott[at]
Phone: 604.681.7500

Summit Air & Helicopters is TNDC's partnership providing rotary and aviation services in Tahltan Territory. Summit Air provides chartered cargo and passenger aviation and has been delivering remote aviation solutions to its valued customers for over 20 years throughout the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. Summit Helicopters delivers remote helicopter aviation solutions in Western and Northern Canada with one of the largest and most diverse fleets in the industry and highly experienced crews.

Camp Services

ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd.

Marc Marion

Email: marc.marion[at]
Phone: 403.370.1247

ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd. (ASL) is a TNDC partner providing modular structures and trailer equipment rentals for remote work camps in Tahltan Territory. ASL is a modular manufacturing and construction company based in Calgary, AB, with branches located across Canada. Our two main business divisions are (1) supplying modular camp structures for remote worker accommodations and (2) providing modular equipment space rentals such as office trailers, lunchrooms, portable washrooms, guard shacks, medical units, temporary worker accommodations, etc. We are currently expanding into permanent modular construction (PMC) in the form of schools, daycares, recreational facilities, community centres, commercial spaces, health care clinics, hospitals, hotels/motels, etc. and modular housing solutions for communities. ASL also offers blast-resistant buildings through our ATCO-Hunter JV.

Summit Camps and Catering

Bud Rich

Phone: 250.814.7612

Summit Camps and Catering is TNDC's partnership with Summit Camps, providing camp facilities and catering to mining exploration projects in Tahltan Territory. Based in Smithers, BC, Summit Camps provides industry leading workforce camp accommodations in remote locations.

TNDC Sodexo (Sodexo Canada)

Calvin Carlick

Email: calvin.carlick[a]
Phone: 250.641.3993

Michael Chidane 

Email: Michael.Chidane[at]
Phone: 437.326.0272

TNDC-Sodexo is a division of TNDC that works in partnership with Sodexo Canada to provide catering and camp operation services at remote industrial sites in Tahltan territory. The partnership is managed by TNDC and is supported by Sodexo Canada, a leading provider of comprehensive service solutions in Canada and around the world.

Communications & Fibre Optics

Tahltan Communications (CityWest)

Scott Simpson

Email: scott.simpson[at]
Phone: 778.634.7207 

Tahltan Communications – a partnership between Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC) and CityWest Cable and Telephone Corporation (CityWest) is building over 200 kilometers of new fibre optic cable in unison with fibre optic strands into Tahltan Territory. Tahltan Communications will provide provide high speed fibre optic based telecommunication services connectivity to the communities of Iskut and Dease Lake by early 2023 as well as to the many small, medium and large industrial businesses in the region. CityWest has over 100 years of service as a company that has a profound impact on the communities we serve because we are locally owned and locally based. We live and work in the same communities that our customers do. Our local distinction and our partnerships are what makes us unique and allows us to offer a competitive advantage. CityWest is proud to provide a superior customer experience to our customers across B.C., who subscribe to Internet, TV, and phone services.


Jim Dent Construction

Ryan Despins

Email: rdespins[at]
Phone: 604.869.5703

Jim Dent Construction is TNDC’s partner providing heavy civil construction services in Tahltan Territory.  Since its formation in 1974, DENT has evolved into a heavy civil construction leader primarily focussing on hydro-related projects. DENT provides specialized contracting services, delivering start-to-finish solutions, from  design/engineering through to the field execution of all stages. The DENT team of long-term personnel bring the dedication, quality workmanship and an innovative approach to address the complex challenges evolving within projects. With a proactive attitude to safety and environmental issues, DENT takes pride in completing demanding projects on schedule.

Progressive Ventures Construction Ltd.

Darcy McKeown

Phone: 250.635.7459

Progressive Ventures Construction Ltd. is TNDC's partner providing general contractor services for industrial and commercial construction projects in Tahltan Territory. Progressive Ventures Construction is a full service general contracting company, locally owned and operated in Northwestern BC since 1972.

R.C. Crane & Construction Ltd.

Joey Chretien

Email: office[at]
Phone: 867.335.4220

R.C. Crane is TNDC’s partner providing hoisting and rigging services in Tahltan Territory.  Operating for more than 20 years, R.C. Crane is a family run business based out of Whitehorse, Yukon,  providing hoisting and rigging services for many different industries, from mine sites to commercial projects, including delivering propane tanks. R.C. Crane has a comprehensive inventory of equipment to build projects of all sizes and across all terrains, Their fleet of equipment includes folding and stiff boom pickers, truck mounts, and all terrain cranes, ranging in size from 8 ton up to 200 ton. Operating out of Yukon and northern British Columbia has earned a specialization in working in remote and rugged areas and harsh climates, and built a reputation for safety and performance.


Tahltan Barminco (Barminco Canada Mining Services Pty Ltd.)

Steve Doyle

Email: steve.doyle[at]
Phone: +(61) 439 638 180

Tahltan Barminco is TNDC's partner providing underground mining services at the Newcrest Red Chris Mine, beginning with the exploration decline development project. Barminco is one of the world’s largest hard rock underground mining services companies, with operations in Australia, Africa and North America.

Tahltan Pelly Construction (Pelly Construction Ltd.)

Jennifer Byram

Email: JByram[at]
Phone: 867.667.6161

Tahltan Pelly Construction (TPC) provides construction services in Tahltan territory. TPC is a joint venture between TNDC and Pelly Construction Ltd., a Yukon based mining and construction company.

Tahltan Procon Joint Venture (Procon Mining & Tunnelling Ltd.)

John McVey (CEO)

Email: jmcvey[at]
Phone: 604.358.5064

Tahltan Procon Joint Venture is a partnership between TNDC and Procon Mining & Tunnelling, providing mining and tunnelling, and related services in Tahltan Territory. Procon is one of the leading Canadian providers of underground mining services with customers and projects located across Canada.  Procon specializes in northern, remote, challenging projects and provides new or existing mine development, contract mining, underground construction, and equipment maintenance services. In addition, the Company provides tunnelling and construction services to the civil, hydroelectric and industrial sectors. Procon is based in Burnaby, BC and has offices, workshops and project site locations across Canada.

Drilling & Blasting

Geotech Drilling Ltd.

Tim Mohring

Email: tim.mohring[at]
Phone: 250.960.9846

Geotech Drilling Services Ltd. (Geotech), is a multi-discipline surface and underground drilling company based in Prince George, BC. TNDC and Geotech have been working together since 2016 to provide geotechnical, environmental, construction, exploration and other specialized drilling services, including cone penetration testing (CPT) through Geotech’s affiliate ConeTec Geotechnical Site Investigations. Geotech’s drilling services are typically combined with testing and instrumentation installation to determine sub-surface ground characteristics for infrastructure development. Primary work completed in Tahltan Territory has been focussed on mineral resource and mine development. Geotech can also provide services for tailings storage feasibility or upgrades, pipeline alignment investigations, hydroelectric dam feasibility investigations or upgrades, road network evaluation, construction/foundation design for buildings, rock anchoring for transmission lines and windmills, and geothermal exploration investigations.

Orica Canada Inc.

Blaine Wright

Email: blaine.wright[at]
Phone: 250.286.3255

Orica provides bulk and packaged explosives and blasting systems to open cut and underground mining operations, quarry and civil construction markets. Under the TNDC partnership agreement, Orica provides explosive products and related services within Tahltan Territory. Orica is well positioned in Western Canada and has an established and robust supply chain including primary and secondary manufacturing of explosives products, dedicated logistics and advanced technical services capabilities located within the region.

Redpath Raiseboring Limited

Johan Davel

Email: johan.davel[at]   
Phone: 705.474.2461

Redpath Raiseboring Limited (RRL) is a TNDC partner providing raiseboring services at the Newcrest Red Chris Mine. RRL has designed and manufactured raise drills for 40+ years and is North America’s largest manufacturer, with one of the world’s most extensive fleets. As both an original equipment manufacturer, and a contractor, RRL uses its contracting experience to continuously optimize the design of its drills. The company’s team of professionals provide safe, on-time projects, and a service level exceeding normally accepted standards. RRL is based in North Bay, Ontario, where it serves a growing list of North American and international clients.

Tahltan Hy-Tech Drilling (Hy-Tech Drilling Ltd.)

Brian Butterworth

Email: brian.butterworth[@]
Phone: 604.396.3973

Tahltan Hy-Tech Drilling is TNDC’s partnership with Hy-Tech Drilling Ltd., a recognized provider for Diamond Drilling in Tahltan Territory. Based in Smithers, BC, Hy-Tech supports the world's leading mining companies with surface and underground drilling for exploration, development stage projects and ongoing active mining operations in some of the most rugged and complex environments.

With the industry’s highest hole completion rate of 99%, equipment uptime of 99.7%, and safety embedded in everything they do, you can trust Hy-Tech to keep you on schedule. Hy-Tech designs, builds, and maintains its own equipment, optimized for access to the complex terrain in Tahltan Territory, deep hole requirements, and reducing environmental impact on our environment. Hy-Tech can reduce water usage by over 90% by filtering solid waste and reusing water. Hy-Tech also provides advanced drilling analytics to monitor and log performance. They are committed to a win / win / win approach to create lasting value for their employees, their clients, and the Tahltan Nation.

Environmental & Engineering

Tahltan Allnorth Consultants Ltd. (Allnorth Consultants)

Alex Burkinshaw

Email: aburkinshaw[at]
Phone: 250.613-1084


Tahltan – Allnorth Consultants is a limited partnership between Allnorth and TNDC. Through this partnership, we offer a wide range of engineering, design and field services to all potential and operating businesses within Tahltan Territory, supporting projects in resource exploration, mining, building construction, forestry, hydroelectric power, civil, infrastructure and public works. Our services include multidisciplinary engineering, surveying, construction management, exploration and geoscience, materials testing, permitting and compliance, environmental, forestry and mapping.

Tahltan ERM Environmental Management

Wade Brunham

Email: wade.brunham[at]
Phone: 250.877.8125

Tahltan ERM Environmental Management (TEEM) provides environmental social, health and safety, and sustainability consulting services in Tahltan Territory, including fisheries, terrestrial, atmospheric, ecological risk assessments, environmental effects monitoring, reclamation, water treatment, social and economic sciences. TEEM is a joint venture partnership between TNDC and ERM Consultants Canada Ltd., a leading global provider of environmental resource management services.



Tahltan Forestry (NorthPac Forestry Group Ltd.)

Andrew Burke

Email: andrew.burke[at]
Phone: 604.696.6095 Ext. 201

Tahltan Forestry Ltd. (TFL) is a company jointly-owned by TNDC and NorthPac Forestry Group Ltd. TFL manages the Tahltan’s First Nations Woodland Licence N3E in the Cassiar TSA, and provides forestry services to mines and industrial proponents that includes permitting, road construction, timber clearing, grubbing and waste disposal. NorthPac is a diversified resource development company originating in Northwest BC.

Mining Equipment & Technology

Sandvik Group

Dany Gaudreault

Email: dany.gaudreault[at]
Phone: 819.874.8464

Under TNDC’s partnership with Sandvik Group, TNDC is the supplier of Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions and Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions products, including supply equipment, parts, tools, and digital solutions, in Northwestern British Columbia and Yukon. 

Sandvik Group

Sandvik is a high-tech and global engineering group offering products and services that enhance customer productivity, profitability and safety. We hold world-leading positions in selected areas – tools and tooling systems for metal cutting; equipment and tools, service and technical solutions for the mining industry and rock excavation within the construction industry; products in advanced stainless steels and special alloys as well as products for industrial heating.

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is a business area within the Sandvik Group and a global leading supplier of equipment and tools, parts, service, digital solutions and sustainability-driving technologies for the mining and construction industries. Application areas include rock drilling, rock cutting, loading and hauling, tunneling and quarrying. Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is a business area within the Sandvik Group and a global leading supplier of equipment and tools, parts, service and digital solutions and sustainability-driving technologies for the mining and construction industries. Application areas include rock drilling, rock cutting, loading and hauling, tunneling and quarrying. Sandvik Group is a high-tech and global engineering group offering products and services that enhance customer productivity, profitability and safety. Sandvik’s world-leading positions include tools and tooling systems for metal cutting; equipment and tools, service and technical solutions for the mining industry and rock excavation within the construction industry; products in advanced stainless steels and special alloys as well as products for industrial heating.

Transportation & Fuel

Bandstra Transportation Systems Ltd.

Rick Bandstra

Email: rickbandstra[at]
Phone: 250.847.2057 x 11117

Through its joint venture with TNDC, Bandstra Transportation Systems Ltd. provides scheduled and non-scheduled freight transportation services in the Tahltan Territory and western Canada.  With its equipment and connections, Bandstra is able to provide complete, one-stop logistics services for North America and around the world.

Tahltan Northwest (Northwest Fuels)

Kyle Jepson

Email: kyle[at]
Phone: 250.562.8166 

Northwest Fuels is a fuel supplier servicing the energy sector in Northwestern BC, operating two fuel bulk plants, a fuel marina and six commercial card-locks, with a head office in Terrace and offices in Smithers, Prince Rupert and Houston.

Tahltan NST Busing Ltd. (Northern Spirit Transportation)

Paul Clermont

Phone: 250.563.3114

Tahltan NST Busing - with partner Northern Spirit Transportation - provides group transportation services to mining exploration projects in Tahltan Territory. In operation since 2005 and based in Prince George, Northern Spirit Transportation operates a variety of vehicles, ranging from full sized highway coaches to specialized industrial units.

Tahltan-Arrow Transportation Ltd. (Arrow Transportation Systems Inc.)

Darrell Remple

Email: dremple[at]
Phone: 604.798.7028

Tahltan-Arrow Transportation Ltd. (TAT) provides trucking and contract hauling services in Tahltan territory. TAT is a joint venture between TNDC and Arrow Transportation Systems Ltd., which provides transportation solutions throughout Canada and the United States, and is located in Stewart, BC.