Grow Your Career With Us

Our employees are the heart of our company. Providing training and development to help our employees grow their careers with us and Tahltans gain the experience they need to work with us is a key strategy to attract, retain and create the talent we need to grow our business.

We offer a variety of training, including heavy equipment operation, leadership and management training for Supervisors, Mentors, Lead Hands, Forepersons and Project Managers as well as other on-the-job training specific to positions.

TNDC Employee HEO Training Program

The TNDC Employee Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO) Training Program will support the growth and development of our TNDC employees by offering Heavy Equipment Operator Training and the opportunity for career progression. Led by the TNDC Training Team, TNDC employees will progress through a training framework based on industry standard curriculum, including simulator time, and observed working hours. The TNDC Employee HEO Program integrates with existing employee shift patterns and participants will maintain their current wage, benefits, etc. This program will support operators at all levels in progressing their skills and knowledge. Learn more

Tahltan Heavy Equipment Operators Training Program

Our multi-faceted program Tahltan HEO Program is designed to build capacity in our communities across several areas: drivers’ licences and driving for employment; developing new heavy equipment operators; and continuing to grow current heavy equipment operators into mentors, trainers, and instructors. The program has been developed in partnership with industry, industry training authorities and partners, with most training occurring in Tahltan Territory. It helps to address skill shortages within our region while also providing on-the-job practical work experience to set participants up for success. Learn more: Tahltan HEO Program