Board of Directors

Carol Danielson


Carol is a passionate, community focussed leader who has dedicated her life to working with people, families and youth and giving back to the Tahltan Nation.  As a working chair, Carol contributes to TNDC’s operational activities.

Now retired, Carol was previously the Dease Lake Community Director for the Tahltan Central Government. Prior to that, she worked with the Tahltan Band as the Youth, Family and Community coordinator and with TNDC as an accounting manager and board assistant.

Carol and her husband ran a highly successful hunting and fishing guide outfitting business within Tahltan Territory for many years. During her working career, Carol was also a member of the Canadian Rangers military service and patrol leader for the Junior Canadian Rangers of Dease lake for many years.

Now residing on Vancouver Island, she was born and raised in Tahltan/Kaska territory, and lived, worked and raised her family in Dease Lake for more than 20 years. Carol’s Tahltan name is Ishkadi DisTs’ eze. She is from the Dekama family, with the Crow clan.

Kody Penner

Vice Chair

Kody Penner has served on the TNDC board since March 2021 and as Vice-Chair since December 2022. He is chair of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee and a member of the Executive Committee.

Kody is a mining professional with a diverse perspective in decision making and strategy, developed working on multiple sides of the mining industry in a diverse set of roles over many years. Kody is Lead, Business Planning in Copper Growth with Teck Resources. Previously, he worked as a mining analyst with Agentis Capital, Employment Director for the Tahltan Central Government, and as an underground miner at the Brucejack mine. Kody holds a Bachelor of Commerce from UBC (Hons).

Riannon Ball


Riannon is serving her second tenure as a director on TNDC’s board; she previously served from 2014 to 2020, including Vice-Chair from 2018 to 2020 and Chair from 2020 to March 2021.

Riannon is a natural resources environmental sciences and management professional with extensive experience leading community engagement, conducting environmental studies and ensuring Indigenous knowledge is reflected in resource development projects.

As Indigenous Relations Advisor with Stantec Ltd. Consulting, Riannon assists in planning, management, assessment and mitigation services to private sector resource developers, all levels of government, non-governmental groups, and Indigenous groups. She previously worked as an Environmental Scientist with the Stantec.

Her career has included Field Technician with Tahltan Fisheries, Lands Manager with the Tahltan Central Government, Environmental Technician with Galore Creek Mining Corporation, and Environmental Monitor with Rescan Tahltan Environmental Consultants.

Riannon holds a Bachelor of Arts within the Ecosystems and Science Management Program, major in Environmental Studies and minor in Geomorphology, from the University of Northern British Columbia.

Dawn (DJ) Loverin


Dawn (DJ) was appointed to the TNDC Board in January 2024. With a career spanning more than 30 years, and a passion for mentoring the next generation, DJ is a Tahltan trail blazer.

Currently, DJ works for Newmont at the Red Chris mine as a Heavy Equipment Operator.

Previously, DJ worked approximately 30 years for TNDC in various roles; notably, she was contracted to Newcrest Mining (former operator of the Red Chris Mine) as a NewSafe Coach,  responsible for mentoring supervisors in quality, safety, operational discipline and effective communication. Prior to that, DJ was Shift Boss on TNDC’s Tailings Impoundment Area (TIA) project team, ensuring production targets were met safely and in compliance, and fostering an inclusive work environment for her crew. During her tenure, DJ became TNDC’s first female Construction Supervisor and her early career as an Equipment Operator has pioneered a path for future female operators.

DJ holds Shiftboss Certification from BC Mines and Level 3 First Aid.

She holds a strong connection to her Indigenous heritage, loves her Tahltan people, and leads with love, truth, faith and hope. Her grandmother is from the Tahltan Carlick family and grandfather is from the Tlingit Taku Jack family. She is from the wolf clan. Her grandmother called her Cah Dehda Caudanik, which means a woman who talks a lot but tells a true story.

Brandon Marion


Brandon was appointed to the TNDC board in September 2020. He has extensive environmental knowledge  working on resource projects in Tahltan Territory. Brandon has been an Environmental Lead with Coast Mountain on the Northwest Hydro Projects since 2013, responsible for managing environmental planning and regulatory projects, including site selection studies, environmental assessments, permit applications and mitigating environmental issues. Previously Brandon worked with Rescan Tahltan Environmental Consultants (a TNDC partnership with ERM now called Tahltan ERM Environmental Management) as Environmental Technician and Galore Creek Mining Corporation as Environmental Monitor. He holds several environmental certifications through the University of Victoria, including Certified Environmental Technician, Sediment and Erosion Control Specialist and Environmental Construction Monitor. Brandon is a member of the Stikine Claw/Thicke family.

Teneal Nole


Teneal Nole was appointed to the TNDC Board in January 2024. She is a results driven change maker specialized in the management of Indigenous housing. Throughout her 25 year career, Teneal has worked in various capacities with all four Tahltan entities – Iskut Band, Tahltan Band, Tahltan Central Government (TCG) and Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC).

Currently Teneal is Housing Manager for the Iskut Band, responsible for managing the housing program, including budgeting, funding, builds and renovations, project management, establishing housing policy, working closely with contractors and the federal government. She previously held the same role with the Tahltan Band. Her past roles include administrator for TNDC and Community Liaison for TCG.

Teneal holds a Master of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University and is completing a Human Resources Certificate  through British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Driven by a passion for business, leadership and community wellbeing, Teneal has served politically as her Eth’eni family representative on the TCG Board and councillor with the Iskut Band, as well as member of the Stikine Wholistic Working Group. She also sits on the national First Nations Professional Housing Association representing the North Region. Committed to community service, Teneal has supported dozens of events, groups and initiatives over more than two decades.

In 2022, Teneal’s contributions to the Tahltan Nation and service with the Tahltan Band was recognized with an "Employee of the Year" award at the Tahltan Annual General Assembly. Passionate about Tahltan culture and tradition, Teneal is connected to the Tahltan land and guided personally and professionally by Tahltan values.

Edward Van Mierlo


Edward Van Mierlo was appointed to TNDC’s Board of Directors at the end of 2022.

Edward is a general manager and camp services management professional with a career spanning 30 years. He is Economic Development Manager with the Tahltan Band. Previously Edward was General Manager of the Dease Lake Super A grocery store, and had an 18-year+ management career with TNDC, serving as its Vice President of Operations and Chief Operations Officer for its camp services division.

Edward holds a number of certificates and designations, including Computerized Business Administration and professional food services.

Edward has resided in Dease Lake for more than two decades and is a Tahltan Associate through his marriage to Tina Quock from the Quock family.