Health, Safety & Environment

Safety First, Safety Always

The road to safety is a continuous journey that requires the commitment of every member of the TNDC team. Strengthening our safety culture, improving our safety performance, and ensuring everyone goes home safe is our relentless focus. We believe all incidents are preventable and our target is zero – accidents, injuries, near misses and fatalities. We build a safe and healthy workplace, implementing initiatives to reduce and prevent incidents, heighten risk awareness, and encourage positive behaviour. Embracing the Safety First, Safety Always mindset underpins our efforts to Building a Stronger Work Culture Together.

TNDC is committed to conducting our business safely, sustainably and responsibly and caring for our employees, the community and the environment. 

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

The management of TNDC considers safety to be the number one priority and is committed to maintaining superior health, safety, and environmental protections for our employees, partners, and the community. Staying safe and protecting each other is an inherent value in the Tahltan community, arising from a long and distinguished history of living on the land.

TNDC recognizes that all employees have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. To ensure these rights are respected and enforced TNDC has assigned responsibilities for all workplace parties. Accountability will be actively monitored by management to ensure expectations are continuously met or exceeded.

TNDC is committed to fostering a strong safety culture by working in spirit of consultation and cooperation with employees. This commitment requires equal and consistent participation, responsibility, and accountability from all workplace parties. Safety will always be address as a priority over cost, production, and quality.

The TNDC safety management system is comprised of the following values to guide safe operations:

  • We will meet or exceed all health, safety, and environmental requirements.
  • We will communicate all health, safety, and environmental policies/programs to employees, subcontractors, and partners.
  • We will conduct hazard assessments and assign controls by following the hierarchy of controls methodology that includes elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment.
  • We will ensure employees, subcontractors, and partners adhere to their respective responsibilities.
  • We will provide training to ensure safe use of tools, equipment, and machinery.
  • We will conduct formal and informal inspections to identify unsafe acts or conditions and assign corrective actions to resolve such findings.
  • We will thoroughly investigate all incidents and high-potential near miss events to determine root causes and assign corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence.
  • We will properly maintain tools, equipment, machinery, and facilities.
  • We will provide and use approved personal protective equipment and clothing as determined by hazard assessments.