For Tahltans Anthony Gushlack and Winston Henyu, working with TNDC Business Partner Summit Camps launched new career paths and built new skill sets, while enabling them to work at home in Tahltan Territory.

Summit Camps is a turn-key workforce camp provider of facilities management, camp catering, facilities maintenance, camp construction, camp structures and remediation in the territory. They have had seasonal contracts for the KSM, Eskay Creek and Galore Creek projects.

Tahltan Anthony Gushlack at work doing onsite facilities maintenance.

Anthony did Onsite Facilities Maintenance at the KSM Project Sulphurets Camp last season. Facilities Maintenance is an important and multi-spectrum role to ensure life in a remote camp is comfortable for employees and guests, with uninterrupted power, heat and water. Responsibilities change daily and include mechanical, electrical, plumbing, groundskeeping and even hosting skills.

For Anthony, who came from a 20 year career as a computer technician, the variety was a welcome opportunity to challenge himself, grow his skill set and open his eyes to new career paths. Anthony learned to operate heavy equipment, maintain water supply systems and proper waste management, and manage pest control.

Looking to his future, Anthony wants to boost his knowledgeable in engine mechanics and electrical installation, and now eyes education in anthropology and archeology. He worked on another project with Summit Camps in the Yukon over the winter, and hopes to return to another project this season.

“I love our land, it's one of a kind and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Even when the work is hard and the day is long, I look around and find a sense of peace I have not found anywhere else. It feels like I have finally come home. Summit and Seabridge understand the importance of this land to our people. The opportunities they have offered have completely changed my life. I am committed to bringing my skills and education home to our Territory, to help preserve and discover more about our people, language and culture,” Anthony shares.

Winston Henyu at work as a Construction Helper. 

Winston worked as a Construction Helper on three different projects last year, on and off Tahltan Territory, including Galore Creek. He primarily assisted with carpentry duties, working with carpenters and a foreman, which provided excellent learning opportunities.

Before securing the job with Summit Camps, Winston was working as a Road Flagger in Telegraph Creek. Trying his hand in the carpentry trade enabled Winston to develop new skills and use a variety of power tools. Winston is so taken with the trade, he has taken several job-related certificates and set his sights on becoming a Red Seal Carpenter. He is currently applying to the College of New Caledonia to begin his apprenticeship training and recently returned to work with Summit Camps on a project in Yukon Territory to continue building his experience.

“I love everything about my job. The work I do and the people I work with are amazing! I love to work and am a very hard worker. Carpentry is my favourite trade. It is so much fun to build with wood. This job has put me on track for where I want to go, to be a Red Seal Carpenter. I always dreamed of working in a camp, like my dad and my uncles, so this job is really a dream come true,” Winston enthuses.

Their enthusiasm is welcome news to Andrea Kosalko, Director of Human Resources, Operations & Community Relations with Summit Camps. She returns the praise, sharing the value they bring to the company and projects.

“We have been proud to have Anthony and Winston on the Summit Camps team! They both have a great attitude towards work and the team members they work with. Their genuine enthusiasm and ability to quickly learn and apply their new and transferred skills speaks to their talent, determination and work ethic. As a partner of TNDC, Summit is committed to providing training and employment for Tahltan members and hopes we can find more stars like Anthony and Winston in years ahead,” Andrea says.

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