Congratulations to the TNDC Employee Reward and Recognition Program Q4 2023 Quarterly Award Winners – Julie Davey, Kathy Fichter and Isaiah Sandoval – each of who are being recognized by their colleagues and supervisors for demonstrating initiative, dedication and commitment to our company and our clients.

Each Award Winner will receive 250 IdeaSource points and a Quarterly Award Certificate. Read their nomination profiles for inspiration!

Exemplifying TNDC Values (Safety, Integrity, Respect, Diversity, High Performance)

Winner: Julie Davey, Site Administrator, Red Chris Job Site

Nominated By: Rochelle DeLaRonde, HR Generalist

Positive Behaviour Witnessed/Outcome:

Julie has been a great addition to our Red Chris site team. She is respectful and accountable. Her expertise has been greatly appreciated. Our Site Admin processes are running much more smoothly since she joined the team. There has been improved communication and insight on how processes can be improved.

Going Above and Beyond (to solve a problem or get the job done)

Winner: Kathy Fichter, Payroll Specialist, TNDC Corporate

Nominated By: Rochelle DeLaRonde, HR Generalist

Positive Behaviour Witnessed/Outcome:

Kathy is a team player, very understanding and a pleasure to work with. She has taken on the role of Payroll Specialist with the most positive attitude. Kathy takes time to talk to the HR team to ensure we are all on the same page, and handles situations/issues that need to be resolved with care. The Payroll and HR teams work closely together, and communication between the two has improved a lot.

Living and role modelling our Safety Values (Safety First, Safety Always)

Winner: Isaiah Sandoval, Operator, Red Chris Site Wolf Crew

Nominated By: Shane Richter, General Foreman

Positive Behaviour Witnessed/Outcome:

Isaiah looks after the equipment he operates. He always takes the time to do a great walk around of his equipment before starting work, to shovel his tracks and do good housekeeping. By looking after the equipment, it saves money for the company, by not having to do unnecessary repairs. It also shows our client that we have equipment in good running order.

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