TNDC is excited to begin the 2023 work season at the Newcrest Red Chris Mine (Red Chris).

Notably, on the Tailings Impoundment Area (TIA) Dam Expansion program at Red Chris, TNDC is now the General Contractor, with our partner Pelly Construction providing sub-contractor services.

This is big news! This elevation in scope of services with Newcrest, our biggest client, signifies the confidence Newcrest has in TNDC’s abilities and quality of work.

TNDC’s performance on the TIA last year and strength of our team, as well as the substantial work we have taken over the past year to improve our business practises to align with those of a Tier 1 mining company, are beginning to pay off. We are grateful to Newcrest for their support on this opportunity.

In addition, TNDC is looking forward to managing and executing heavy construction and earthworks projects, including supporting Block Cave development and several capital projects at Red Chris. We will also be supporting our partner Jim Dent Construction on a new road construction contract at Galore Creek.

TNDC and our partners’ success depends not only on our relationships, but getting skilled human resources and critical equipment to site, and working safely. That is why TNDC leads the charge, with our partners, to upgrade the Dease Lake Airport, where TNDC is the airport operator. Through our ground and air partnerships, TNDC provides the critical full transportation solution to Red Chris and the rest of the mining sector in northwest BC.

A big thank you to all our TNDC team, including Finance, Human Resources, and Dease Lake Operations teams, who have and continue to work diligently to prepare TNDC to deliver on time, on budget, and safely.

TNDC will remain focussed on being the Indigenous Partner of Choice – an integrated full-service provider and trusted partner to our clients and we look forward to carrying out a safe and successful 2023 work season.



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