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Tahltan Nation Development Corporation Launches Refreshed Brand

TNDC is proud of our growth and diversification – expanding our services to heavy construction, earthworks, camp services, air support, aviation, forestry, transportation, and fibre-optics communications services.

This growth and diversification are critical to provide sustainable prosperity for the Tahltan Nation.

Given TNDC’s maturation, we believed it was time to embark on a refresh to our Mandate, Mission, Vision statements, our Values, and our Brand Identity. It was critical for us to refine and simplify our brand identity while honouring our past,” said Carol Danielson, Chair, TNDC Board.

At the core of our cultural past and future, our revised abstract crow and wolf symbols stand the test of time. The new TNDC wordmark is a simple and bold typographic element, showing how our community is connected and that we support each other. The type works with and without the icon, and vice-versa, creating unique and flexible ways to express our brand. 


TNDC's mandate is to operate a diverse and profitable corporate entity – while honouring our past and embracing our future – that creates economic prosperity for an independent and self-reliant Tahltan Nation. ​

TNDC will provide a diverse, healthy, and safe work environment, while committed to enhancing the skills of our workforce.


TNDC's vision is to be the most dynamic Indigenous corporation in Canada.

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to be an integrated full-service provider and trusted partner to our clients – both within and outside of Tahltan Territory – for the purpose of creating economic prosperity for the Tahltan Nation. ​

Through fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, maintaining a wide geographic presence, and encapsulating modern business practices, TNDC will manage risk and ensure long-term sustainability, while adhering to responsible business practices that balance environmental, social, and economic impacts.


Safety: Safety First, Safety Always. A core value that guides everything we do.  ​

Integrity: Upholding the highest standards of accountability, honesty, and fairness. ​

Respect: Treating all with respect and dignity.​

Diversity: We celebrate and embrace diversity and inclusivity in our culture, business practices, and   workforce.​

High Performance: Delivering results that exceed expectations through a culture of innovation, collaboration, and development.



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