TNDC and RC Crane & Construction To Provide Hoisting and Rigging Services in Northwest BC

Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC) and R.C. Crane & Construction have partnered to provide hoisting and rigging services to industry working in Tahltan Territory, in the heart of Northwest British Columbia’s Golden Triangle. R.C. Crane provides an expansive range of hoisting and rigging equipment to mine sites and commercial projects, specializing in remote and rugged areas and the harsh northern climate. TNDC is the business arm of the Tahltan Nation serving the resource exploration, mine development, mining, construction, forestry, power and infrastructure sectors.

“Hoisting and rigging services are essential to resource development and construction projects, and requires precision, knowledge and an unwavering commitment to safety. We are pleased to add R.C. Crane’s hoisting and rigging expertise, along with their positive record of safety and performance, to expand the scope of services TNDC delivers to resource, commercial and industrial projects in Tahltan Territory. In addition to uniting two long-established northern businesses, this partnership will create yet another unique new career opportunity for Tahltans,” says TNDC CEO Paul Gruner.

“R.C. Crane is excited to be working along side the Tahltan Nation Development Corporation. We have always strived to provide the safest and best quality service. Combining the expertise and resources TNDC has within Tahltan Territory and R.C. Crane’s 20 years of industry experience will enhance what both parties have to offer. We look forward to developing relationships with the Tahltan Nation, continuing to work within the region, and providing new employment and training opportunities for Tahltans,” says R.C. Crane President Joey Chretien.

A family run business based out of Whitehorse, Yukon, R.C. Crane has been operating for more than two decades, providing hoisting and rigging services for many different types of industries, from mine sites to commercial projects, including delivering propane tanks. R.C. Crane has a comprehensive inventory of equipment to build projects of all sizes and across all terrains. Their fleet of equipment includes folding and stiff boom pickers, truck mounts, and all terrain cranes, ranging in size from 8 ton up to 200 ton. Operating out of Yukon and northern British Columbia has earned a specialization in working in remote and rugged areas and harsh climates, and built a reputation for safety and performance. They have worked on several resource projects in Tahltan Territory over the past decade, including the Silvertip mine, Eskay Creek Revitalization Project, Red Chris mine and Forrest Kerr hydroelectric project.

As the leading Indigenous community-owned business in the region and biggest First Nation business in British Columbia, TNDC pursues sustainable and responsible economic development opportunities that create employment, training and contracting opportunities to Tahltans. TNDC provides heavy construction, earthworks, camp services, air support, aviation, forestry, transportation and fibre optic communications services. Together with its partners, and backed by a trained and experienced local workforce, TNDC is able to support all aspects of resource and industrial development projects occurring in Tahltan Territory. Since its inception in 1985, TNDC has established a reputation as an experienced, reliable and trusted service partner, focussed on safety, quality and integrity through its work on hundreds of projects. 

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