TNDC’s Supervisor Shiftboss Certification Success Continues

Three more TNDC supervisors have successfully landed Shiftboss Certification, enhancing their qualifications, meeting industry safety requirements and advancing TNDC’s commitment to build a qualified workforce. Bradley Creyke, Eric Quock and Harvey Quock are the latest supervisors to receive this vital industry designation.

BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources requires anyone supervising more than six people in an active open-pit or underground mine to have Shiftboss Certification. TNDC committed to Newcrest to support our tailings impoundment area (TIA) construction and road crew supervisors at Red Chris Mine in achieving the certification and has expanded to our other project sites.

“We are extremely proud of Bradley, Eric and Harvey for their commitment and success in achieving Shiftboss Certification. We are also pleased to hear these experienced leaders express pride in sharing their knowledge with the younger generation. Not only are they enriching their own qualifications and setting positive examples for their teams, they are building TNDC’s reputation as a professional, qualified, safe service provider and efforts to grow the capabilities of our team through mentorship,” says TNDC’s CEO.

Bradley Creyke, Road Foreman on TNDC’s Red Chris Road Maintenance crew, says attaining Shiftboss Certification was driven by his motivation to continuously learn and reach the top of his field, ethics instilled by his family. This mantra has propelled his 20+ year career in the mining industry, starting at the Eskay Mine working underground and above ground. Moving to TNDC in 2011 provided a career change opportunity, becoming a lowbed operator and equipment operator. He has been at Red Chris since 2012, working on TNDC’s transmission line and TIA construction crews, before moving to road maintenance, and working his way up to foreman in 2018 – a responsibility he values.

Brad Creyke (centre front) with his Red Chris road maintenance crew

“Receiving this certification is huge. It opens the door for me to be a shift boss anywhere in BC, but I love working here with our youth. I am grateful to everyone who has helped guide me – on and off the job – to where I am today, especially my wife for her support. In turn, I want to be an example and share my knowledge, teaching my team to be safe and productive on the mine site and showing them what they can achieve through hard work, determination and teamwork. You can be successful at anything you put your mind to. Listen to leaders, be observant and remember it is the team – not the person – that ‘makes the show’ in the work we do,” Bradley shares.

Bradley Creyke on site at Red Chris (prior to mask mandates)

Eric Quock is also a Road Foreman on TNDC’s Red Chris Road Maintenance crew, a position he has held since mine construction started eight years ago. He was a supervisor with TNDC at Galore Creek before that. Certification had been on Eric’s radar, but encouragement from TNDC’s safety manager telling him he had the supervisory skills and was a natural at leading people was the push he needed. Eric thanks his team for their support. He also credits his wife, for not only encouraging him in obtaining certification, but ensuring he studied. Receiving certification has been a game changer.

Eric Quock (centre front) with his Red Chris road maintenance crew

“I learned so much about safety, the legal regulations of the BC Mines Act, and communicating with my crew. Not only is certification an incredible sense of accomplishment in my career, it has given me new perspective and confidence in my job. It has made me a better supervisor and more aware of the safety of my crew. Now I think about what we need to accomplish during the shift and what I am asking the team to do, while ensuring everyone is following safety protocols. Safety is always the priority, first and foremost. These are teachings I want to pass on to my crew, as well as to encourage and support those who show strong leadership skills in reaching their potential,” Eric says.

Eric Quock holds his Shiftboss Certificate, outside TNDC's office at Red Chris

Harvey Quock joined TNDC last summer as a foreman at the Eskay project site. Obtaining Shiftboss Certification was more than a requirement of the job – it was his ticket to work as a supervisor in the BC mining sector, after a 30+ year career working in supervisory/lead hand roles and as an equipment operator in underground mining at Eskay Mine as well as drilling and construction of oil, pipeline and dam projects in Canada and the United States. This certification builds on his qualifications – he holds an underground blasting certification and plans on getting above ground certification this year.

Harvey Quock with his crew on the Eskay project

“Shiftboss Certification reinforced much of what I already knew from my on-the-job experience, but also taught me important safety prevention, documentation and reporting, how to protect myself, my crew and those working around us. Working as a supervisor is a big responsibility and certification builds on my experience. It also provides the opportunity to pass my skills, knowledge and work ethic to the younger generation. I want to guide them and help them eliminate mistakes in their career journey. That’s what it’s all about,” Harvey says.

Harvey Quock with his Shiftboss Certificate at the Eskay project site

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