TNDC’s 2017 Annual General Meeting Provides Updates For Tahltan Membership

TNDC held its 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on July 3, 2017 in Dease Lake, reporting on its business and operational highlights to its shareholders – the Tahltan membership – and hearing their feedback. The AGM was held on the final day of the Tahltan Central Government’s (TCG) Annual General Assembly (AGA), an important gathering of the Tahltan membership held each July long weekend, which brings together members from inside and outside the territory for reports on the Government’s initiatives on their behalf.

TNDC's presentation at its 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on July 3, 2017

Tahltan members listening to presentations at TNDC's 2017 AGM

Approximately 100 Tahltan members attended TNDC’s 2017 AGM, including the leadership from the three organizations – Iskut Band, Tahltan Band and TCG. TNDC’s Board Chair Calvin Carlick chaired the meeting, provided introductions and shared a board update. CEO Peter Arendt reported on the TNDC’s financial, business and operational highlights, current business outlook and strategic priorities looking ahead.

TNDC Board Calvin Carlick responds to questions at TNDC's 2017 AGM

Peter provided perspective on TNDC’s current business environment and financial landscape. He emphasized that to foster TNDC’s long-term sustainable growth, the company must embrace an innovative, progressive mindset beyond its traditional business model and explore opportunities inside and outside the territory. TNDC is actively seeking to identify and pursue opportunities which diversify services that complement TNDC’s traditional business areas while capitalizing on TNDC’s experience, partnerships and local advantage.

TNDC CEO Peter Arendt presenting to Tahltan members at the 2017 AGM

Tahltan members with TNDC's booth in the background at TNDC's 2017 AGM

TNDC’s new strategic plan commits to this diversification and strengthening financial performance, as well as providing training and employment opportunities for Tahltan members. The strategic plan defines key objectives in the areas of health, safety and environment, sustainable development, heavy construction, mining and earthmoving, catering and camp services, partnerships, infrastructure, and direct investment.

TNDC Board Members L-R: Vernon Marion, Colleen Parker, Jamie Gleason, Herbert Henyu, James Dennis

Tahltan member listening during CEO Peter Arendt's presentation

TNDC remains committed to developing business opportunities that will benefit the Tahltan Nation. This will be achieved through proactive outreach with companies operating and developing projects in Tahltan Territory, as well as strengthening collaboration with TNDC’s business partners and Tahltan organizations.

Tahltan members listening to presentations at TNDC's 2017 AGM

Tahltan members listening to presentations during TNDC's 2017 AGM

Participation at the TCG AGA provides a valuable opportunity for TNDC to connect with Tahltan members visiting TNDC’s booth at the AGA. It also supports TNDC’s efforts to foster a collaborative approach to economic, resource and industrial development in Tahltan Territory.
TNDC's 2017 AGM Agenda and Annual Report

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