First Tahltech Drilling Project Underway

Tahltech Drilling, TNDC’s partnership with Geotech Drilling Services, is working on its first drilling services contract in Tahltan territory, on Imperial Metals’ Red Chris property. Tahltech is providing hydrogeological and geological drilling services, using sonic drilling methods.

Russ Prevett, Geotech’s project manager overseeing the program, shares insight, “The drilling program is providing geologists with soil cores of the overburden soils, and also facilitating the installation of wells, to allow long term environmental monitoring of groundwater around the mine site and its facilities.”

The short-term contract, estimated at 1.5 months, is running on a single shift with a continual crew of three people, working on rotations. Although the short-turnaround time and specialty type of drilling of this initial program didn’t allow time for hiring and training of Tahltan members, Geotech is committed to providing training and long-term employment opportunities for Tahltan members for future programs in the area, and throughout Canada.

TNDC CEO Peter Arendt reaffirms the commitment to ensure Tahltan members benefit from the partnership. “We are looking to foster careers by creating reliable and long-term employment and training opportunities for not only those Tahltans currently in the workforce, but those who will soon be entering the workforce.”

The maiden project demonstrates the advantage of the combined local expertise and strength of the two companies. The support of TNDC and the services it provides directly to the mine has been utilized by Tahltech Drilling, by way of heavy equipment and logistical support during the program.

Both TNDC and its partners are actively involved at Red Chris. TNDC provides road construction and maintenance, tailings impoundment area construction, and camp services. Its partners provide overburden and stripping, concentrate hauling to the Stewart port, and now drilling services. It’s an excellent example of the full-range of services that can be provided in collaboration to benefit the resource development and mining industry.

Peter adds the Tahltech partnership is focussed on the long-term. “With our commitment to the resource sector and continued exploration and development activity, we anticipate more contracts which will benefit TNDC, Geotech and the Tahltan Nation.”

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