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Mining News: Northern Neighbors: Tahltan, Geotech form Tahltech, preferred Golden Triangle driller

North of 60 Mining New
Week of December 4, 2016
By Shane Lasley, Editor

Tahltan Nation Development Corp., the business arm of the Tahltan Nation, Nov. 22 announced the formation of Tahltech Drilling Services Ltd., the preferred surface and underground drilling company for the Tahltan territory in northwestern British Columbia. This expansion of services offered by TNDC is the result of a partnership with Geotech Drilling Services Ltd., a B.C.-based, multi-discipline surface and underground drilling company.

TNDC selects business partners with the expertise to strengthen its competitiveness, and commitment to establish mutually beneficial relationships that bring economic benefits to the Tahltan Nation. Benefitting from Geotech’s global expertise, Tahltech Drilling Services will provide industry-leading exploration, geotechnical, environmental, construction, and geothermal drilling services to natural resource and industrial development projects in Tahltan territory.

“Geotech’s extensive knowledge, experience and specialized technology will be extremely valuable to companies operating in Tahltan territory, ensuring efficiency, accuracy of data collection and adherence to safety and environmental standards,” said TNDC CEO Garry Merkel. “The partnership significantly strengthens TNDC’s capability and competitiveness in resource and industrial development as the economic recovery unfolds.”

Tahltan territory, which covers most of the renowned Golden Triangle, is rich in natural resources, a catalyst for dozens of existing and proposed energy, resource and industrial development projects in the region.

Geotech’s exploration services include drilling for numerous mining and exploration companies, many of which have properties in the Golden Triangle. Its geotechnical services include exploratory drilling combined with testing and instrumentation installation to determine sub-surface ground characteristics for infrastructure development purposes including tailings storage feasibility or upgrades, pipeline alignment investigations, hydroelectric dam investigations, road network evaluation, liquefied natural gas facilities, foundation design for buildings, rock anchoring for transmission lines and wind turbines, and geothermal exploration investigations. Geotech also provides construction, environmental and geothermal drilling services.

“Geotech has long-respected TNDC’s efforts toward responsible and sustainable development within the Tahltan’s resource-rich territory encompassing some 11 percent of British Columbia. In conjunction with the entrepreneurial nature of the Tahltan people, Tahltech looks toward a bright future respecting both the traditional values of the Tahltan people and the mission and core values of Geotech,” said Geotech President Jody Lambert. TNDC and Geotech will collaborate to secure drilling work on projects in Tahltan territory.

Under the agreement, Geotech also will provide subcontracting, employment and training opportunities to Tahltan members.

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