TNDC receives BC Aboriginal Community-Owned Business of the Year Award

October 14, 2015 was a night of honour and celebration for TNDC when it received the BC Aboriginal Business Award for Community-Owned Business of the Year from the British Columbia Achievement Foundation. The prestigious award recognizes TNDC’s contribution to creating a strong economy for the Tahltan community.

TNDC CEO/President Garry Merkel and board chair Calvin Carlick accepted the award, which was presented by BC Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation John Rustad at a gala ceremony in Vancouver. TNDC was delighted to have a number of its workers, managers and board members, business and industry partners and Tahltan leaders on hand to celebrate in the occasion.

“It was a special night and an incredible honour to accept the award on behalf the TNDC team, in recognition of the significant contributions our company has made to the Tahltan Nation over the past 30 years, ensuring community members benefit from responsible development in the territory,” said TNDC CEO/President Garry Merkel. “TNDC’s recognition is a credit to the founders, leaders and employees past and present whose passion, dedication and contributions have built the company into the successful corporation it is today.”

The accolade is particularly fitting as 2015 marks TNDC’s 30th year of operations, a journey which has seen the company evolve from its early roots as a commercial and residential construction company into a multi-million dollar corporation serving the resource industry and employing hundreds of Tahltans on an annual basis.

TNDC has grown significantly in size and capability since inception. Today TNDC employs more than 30 core staff and hundreds of seasonal workers each year. It has established partnerships with 30 industry experts to expand its service offering and capabilities. TNDC has earned a solid reputation as an experienced, qualified, reliable, competitive and well-respected corporation through its work on hundreds of projects including mines, hydroelectric and transmission lines, municipal infrastructure, and highway maintenance and construction.

The BC Aboriginal Business Awards were launched in 2008 to honour and celebrate Aboriginal business excellence in several categories. The Community-Owned Business of the Year award acknowledges TNDC’s contribution to building a strong economy for the community. TNDC was one of 15 Aboriginal businesses, entrepreneurs, joint ventures and community-owned enterprises recognized. 

“TNDC’s receipt of the award is a monumental moment in the corporation’s history that all Tahltans can take pride in. It places a spotlight on the important role TNDC plays in bringing financial prosperity to our Nation and opportunities for our people, and is a tribute to the vision and passion of TNDC’s founders and successive leaders who believed the Nation could benefit from responsible development and work in partnership with industry while continuing to exercise our title and rights,” added TNDC Board Chair Calvin Carlick.

“We thank those of our industry and business partners who were able to for join us and the many others who offered their words of congratulations and good wishes on our win. Your continued support and commitment to build mutually beneficial relationships and ensure the Nation benefits from development has contributed to TNDC’s success and contributions to the Tahltan community.” 

Watch the video about TNDC created by BC Achievement Foundation to celebrate its win.

TNDC CEO/President Garry Merkel and Board Chair Calvin Carlick receiving the Community-Owned Aboriginal Business Award

The award and certificate TNDC received

All of the BC Aboriginal Business Award recipients

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