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Tahltan Nation Development Corporation reaches 30 year milestone

Dease Lake, B.C./June 30, 2015: The Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC), the business arm of the Tahltan Nation, marked its 30th anniversary of incorporation on June 26, 2015. To celebrate this significant milestone and recognize individuals who have played instrumental roles in growing TNDC into the successful organization it is today, TNDC has created a special anniversary web page and planned a series of activities and events over the next year, which launched with a 30th birthday party on June 27, in Dease Lake.

Thirty years ago, Tahltan visionaries Ivan Quock, Chief of the Tahltan Band, Louis Louie, Chief of the Iskut Band, Patrick Etzerza, President of Tahltan Tribal Council (now Tahltan Central Council) and Vernon Marion, founding president, founded TNDC in response to economic development activity occurring in Tahltan Territory. They wanted the Nation to benefit from responsible resource development occurring in the territory while ensuring Tahltan title and rights were respected and the land Tahltans depend upon for sustenance was protected.

“Our 30th anniversary is a tremendous milestone. Through growth and learning, TNDC has evolved tremendously over the last three decades. We owe our success today to our early Tahltan leaders for their vision and determination as well as the drive and commitment of successive leaders who have embraced the vision, building TNDC into an extremely successful business corporation and the largest employer in the region serving industry and contributing to the local economy,” said Garry Merkel, CEO/president of TNDC.

“TNDC is a quintessential success story – a strong, progressive and financially-sustainable Aboriginal business corporation that is benefitting from resource development, working in partnership with industry and bringing financial prosperity to our Nation, while continuing to exercise our title and rights. TNDC has matured beyond its status as a business for Tahltans; it has become fundamental in providing for our communities and our families. Most significantly, it is a symbol of our independence,” said Calvin Carlick, TNDC board chair.

TNDC has grown significantly in size and capability since inception. Today it is a multi-million dollar corporation employing more than 30 core staff and hundreds of seasonal workers each year. It has established partnerships with 30 industry experts to expand its service offering and capabilities. TNDC has earned a solid reputation as an experienced, qualified, reliable, competitive and well-respected corporation through its work on hundreds of projects including mines, hydroelectric and transmission lines, municipal infrastructure, and highway maintenance and construction.

“It has been a remarkable 30 years and I am tremendously proud of what TNDC has accomplished. As with any business, TNDC has faced and overcome many challenges. I am grateful for the contributions of TNDC staff and board, past and present, for carrying forward the vision and values established by our Tahltan founders, and to our industry and business partners for their support and commitment,” Merkel added.

TNDC is a model for Aboriginal business, demonstrating First Nations can benefit from responsible resource development through mutually beneficial and respectful partnerships. TNDC has provided significant, lasting benefits to the Tahltan community and the northwest region. TNDC is building the capacity of Tahltan members and bringing prosperity for current and future generations while respecting title and rights to its land.

 “TNDC is the strongest in its history. With a solid strategy, strong leadership team and industry support, we look forward to continuing to build experience and learn into the future. I am excited and optimistic for the next 30 years as we strengthen our position as the leading business corporation and employer of Tahltan members in the territory and bring continued prosperity for our Nation,” concluded Merkel.

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About TNDC

The Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC) is the business arm of the Tahltan Nation. TNDC benefits from sustainable and responsible business and resource development opportunities in the region that benefit the Tahltan Nation. TNDC was established in 1985 to enable the Tahltan Nation to fully participate in the economic activities and development occurring within its traditional territory and to provide employment and contracting opportunities for Tahltan members. TNDC provides a full suite of specialized contracting services for the building construction, forestry, hydroelectric power, mining and road construction industries as well as support operations in administration and accounting, ground transportation and heavy equipment hauling. Together with its partners, and backed by a trained and experienced local workforce, TNDC is able to support all aspects of resource and industrial development projects occurring in Tahltan territory. For more information, visit


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