Business Partnerships

To expand our capabilities, TNDC has formed partnerships with close to 30 service providers offering a comprehensive range of services to support the civil, construction, resource, industrial and development industries. As official business partners of TNDC, the companies listed below are the preferred service providers operating in Tahltan Territory, recognized by the Tahltan Nation.


Gary Laidlaw

Phone: 604.269.2000

Tahltan Helifor Joint Venture (TH) provides heavy lift helicopter services in Tahltan territory. TH is a joint venture between TNDC and Helifor Canada, an industry leader in providing on time, reliable and safe solutions for heavy lift needs, including the highly specialized Vertol 107 and the Chinook 234 aircrafts.

Quentin Smith

Phone: 604.214.2351

Tahltan-Pacific provides charters and scheduled flights into Tahltan traditional territory, and is a joint venture with Pacific Coastal Airlines, which has been providing scheduled passenger, cargo and essential services throughout BC and charter services throughout Western Canada for over 40 years. PCA operates 21 aircraft and serves 65+ destinations in BC. Based out of the Vancouver International Airport South Terminal, its aircraft fleet comprises mostly SAAB 340A and Beechcraft 1900C, as well as various other types including an extensive seaplane operation located on the Central Coast.

James Carr

Phone: 250.641.3245

Tahltan-Lakelse Air Helicopter Service Joint Venture (TLHS) provides helicopter services in Tahltan territory. TLHS is a joint venture between TNDC and Lakelse Air Helicopter Service, which specializes in heli-logging and mining exploration support services, has bases in Terrace and Bob Quinn, BC and serves the mining, seismic, technical services, environmental, fire-fighting, search and rescue, emergency medical services and heavy-lift aerial construction industries.

James Carr

Phone: 250.641.3245

Tahltan-Pacific Western Helicopter Service (TPWHS) Joint Venture provides helicopter services in Tahltan territory.  The company services the forestry, mining, oil and gas and tourism industries and provides general charter services in Northwestern BC and Alberta. TPWHS is a joint venture between  TNDC and Pacific Western Helicopters, a leader in the aviation industry.

Camp Catering & Exploration

Ed Van Mierlo

Phone: 877.771.5484 ext. 57

Ivor MacGregor

Phone: 780.238.7947

Spatsizi Remote Services (SRS) is a division of TNDC that works in partnership with Sodexo Canada to provide catering and camp operation services at remote industrial sites in Tahltan territory. The partnership is managed by SRS and is supported by Sodexo Canada, a leading provider of comprehensive service solutions in Canada and around the world.

Doug Berger

Phone: 250.828.2644

Tahltan Horizon North Services Inc. (THNSI) provides modular buildings in Tahltan territory. THNSI is a joint venture between TNDC and Horizon North, headquartered in Kamloops, providing all modular building needs, such as relocatable offices and workforce camps, including transport and installation.

Michael Kenney

Phone: 604.538.4574

Tahltan-MATRIX Exploration Joint Venture (TME) provides a unique single-source service for exploration field logistics, including full turn-key camps and aviation management services within Tahltan territory. TME is a joint venture with Matrix, which provides aviation and exploration logistics services – helicopter, fixed wing, and ground transportation, camps, expediting, camp and fuel management – to a diverse group of clients in the resource and service sectors, within all regions of Canada, including the High Arctic.


Robert Simpson

Phone: 604.681.1407

Tahltan National PR Communications (TNPRC) provides communication and public relation services. TNPRC is a joint venture between TNDC and PR Associates, a public relations firm specializing in the natural resource and sustainable development sectors providing aboriginal, community, government and media relations, issues and crisis communications and corporate communications with offices in Vancouver and Terrace.

Paul Gillard

Phone: 867.668-8268

Tahltan River Communications (TRC) provides communications products and services to resource companies operating in Tahltan territory. TRC is a limited partnership between TNDC and Northwestel, the regional telecommunications provider servicing the Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut and northern British Columbia.

Seungbum Yoo

Phone: 800.615.0211

Tahltan Technology Communications (TTC) is a full service IT management and consulting company with locations in Dease Lake and Terrace, BC.  TTC is a joint venture between TNDC and Technology Linked Computers Inc., and provides technical expertise in hardware, software and telecommunication systems backed by excellent customer service.


Ian Munson

Phone: 250.635.3407

Tahltan Bear Creek Projects Joint Venture (TBCP) provides heavy construction and mine site development services to projects in Tahltan territory.  TBCP is a joint venture between TNDC and Bear Creek Contracting, a general construction service company providing commercial construction, concrete services, drilling, blasting and crushing, earthworks, road and bridge construction, and environmental services across British Columbia.

Frank Miles

Phone: 250.785.0033

Tahltan Macro Industries Joint Venture is a partnership between TNDC and Macro Industries, a specialist in pipeline and facility construction and maintenance serving the oil and gas industry in British Columbian, Yukon, Alberta and the Northwest Territories. Macro provides an array of additional services including hot taps, facility modification and reclamations.

Jim Dales

Phone: 604.291.8292

Tahltan Procon Joint Venture is a partnership between TNDC and Procon Mining & Tunnelling, a full service mining contractor providing a comprehensive range of services including contract mining, mine development and civil tunnelling and civil construction services. Procon is one of the leading mining contractors in North AmericaProcon Joint Venture is a partnership between the TNDC and Procon, a full service mining contractor providing a comprehensive range of expertise to the mining and civil industries. Procon is one of the leading mining contractors in North America and one of the top 30 contractors in Canada.

Jim Basha

Phone: 250.563.2800

Tahltan Ruskin Projects Ltd. (TRP) is a specialized foundation and industrial bridge construction team.  TRP is a limited partnership between TNDC and Ruskin Construction Limited, which is headquartered in Prince George, BC.

Steve Sousa

Phone: 780.436.9876

The Tahltan Valard Construction Ltd. (TVC) partnership teams TNDC with Valard Construction, one of Canada’s largest power line contractors, serving clients in the public and private sectors. TVC offers construction services in transmission and distribution systems, substations and transmission foundations.

John Wild

Phone: 604.699.2922

Tahltan-Ledcor Projects Ltd. (TLP) provides a range of construction services in Tahltan territory. TLP is a partnership between TNDC and Ledcor Group, a leading North American collection of construction companies specializing in building, civil, industrial, mining and telecommunication projects.

Drilling & Blasting

John Shephard

Phone: 250.398.0859

TNDC has a cooperation agreement with Orica Canada to provide explosive products and related services in Tahltan territory. Orica provides commercial explosives and blasting systems to the mining and infrastructure markets.Orica is well positioned in Western Canada to provide commercial explosives and blasting systems to the mining and infrastructure markets as well as technical services from a locally based support team. Orica has experience in mining (surface and underground) and the construction and pipeline industry.

Geoff Hamilton

Phone: 403.723.9160

Tahltan Dyno Nobel Joint Venture (TDN) provides drilling and blasting services in Tahltan territory. TDN is a joint venture between TNDC and Dyno Nobel, which combines local knowledge and global expertise of some of the toughest world environments, coupled with the latest innovations in electronic blast initiation systems, emulsion technologies and delivery systems. Dyno Noble is a global leader in the commercial explosives industry serving resource industries.

Peter Walker

Phone: 250.828.1946

Tahltan North Rock Limited Partnership (TNRLP) provides a range of drilling and blasting services including road and highway construction, quarry and mine production, infrastructure foundations and hydroelectric development, as well as specialty drilling applications. TNRLP is a joint venture between TNDC and North Rock Drilling & Blasting Inc. located in Prince George, BC.

Brant Jackson, Marketing Manager


Phone: 1.888.228.1234

Tahltech Drilling Services (TDS) provides exploration, geotechnical, environmental, construction and other specialized drilling services for resource and infrastructure development projects in Tahltan Territory. Drilling services include exploratory drilling combined with testing and instrumentation installation to determine sub-surface ground characteristics for infrastructure development purposes including tailings storage feasibility or upgrades, pipeline alignment investigations, hydroelectric dam feasibility investigations or upgrades, road network evaluation, LNG facilities, construction/foundation design for buildings, rock anchoring for transmission lines and wind mills, and geothermal exploration investigations. TDS is a memorandum of understanding between TNDC and Geotech Drilling, a multi-discipline surface and underground drilling company based in Prince George, BC active in the exploration, geotechnical, environmental and construction drilling markets on projects in Canada including the Arctic, the United States, West Africa, South America and Greenland.

Environmental, Electrical, & Engineering

Rolf Schmitt

Phone: 604.689.9460

Rescan Tahltan Environmental Consultants (RTEC) conducts environmental assessments of projects in Tahltan territory and has an office in Dease Lake. Services include environmental consulting (fisheries, terrestrial, atmospheric), ecological risk assessments, environmental effects monitoring, reclamation, water treatment, social and economic sciences. RTEC is a partnership between TNDC and Rescan, an environmental consulting firm offering a wide range of services for the resource development industry.

Darryl Bell

Phone: 250.614.7291

Tahltan Allnorth Consultants Ltd. (TAC) provides a full range of engineering services; surveying; construction management; exploration and geoscience; materials testing; permitting and compliance; environmental; forestry and mapping. TAC is a limited partnership between TNDC and Allnorth Consultants Ltd., which provides consulting services to the resources, marine, transportation, power and municipal sectors in Western Canada, the Atlantic provinces and globally.

Transportation & Fuel

Tim Bell

Phone: 250.682.4133

Arrow Tahltan Transportation Ltd. (ATT) provides trucking and contract hauling services in Tahltan territory. ATT is a joint venture between TNDC and Arrow Transportation Systems Ltd., which provides transportation solutions throughout Canada and the United States, and is located in Stewart, BC.

Sid Bandstra

Phone: 250.635.2728

Through its joint venture with TNDC, Bandstra Transportation Systems Ltd. provides scheduled and non-scheduled freight transportation services in the Tahltan Territory and western Canada.  With its equipment and connections, Bandstra is able to provide complete, one-stop logistics services for North America and around the world.

Doug Ames

Phone: 250.615.2110

Northwest Fuels is a fuel supplier servicing the energy sector in Northwestern BC, operating two fuel bulk plants, a fuel marina and six commercial card-locks, with a head office in Terrace and offices in Smithers, Prince Rupert and Houston.

Cara Craig

Phone: 403.461.9394

TNDC has a memorandum of understanding with Omega Morgan, a specialized heavy rigging, hauling and transportation company with specially engineered equipment to move large equipment including generators, vessels and bridges from land to sea.


Adam Wickstead

Phone: 604.682.2300

Aeronigma Solutions Inc. is a Canadian owned, global logistics and transportation service company located in Vancouver that provides logistics service in Tahltan territory. Geodis Wilson is one of the world’s largest freight management companies, delivering cargo by sea and air.

Scott Higgins
Phone: 780.292.6717

Tahltan Sarens Joint Venture (TSJV) provides heavy lifting services to industrial and resource projects in Tahltan territory.  TSJV is a joint venture between TNDC and Sarens Canada, a worldwide leader in heavy lifting and engineered transport, specializing in cranes, and Canadian headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta.

  • We worked with TNDC on the Galore Creek mining project and the Northwest Transmission Line, providing heavy lift helicopter services. It made good business sense to get involved with the Nation, so we formed Tahltan Helifor Joint Venture in 2011. After meeting Bill Adsit, I knew we had made the right decision. We have had only positive experiences and look forward to continued collaboration.
    Gary Laidlaw
    President & General Manager, Helifor Canada Corp.
  • Sodexo Canada has been a partner with TNDC since 2002, providing complete camp management through Spatsizi Remote Services. During this time we have worked on many projects, and employed many Tahltan members. It’s been very positive, and the business relationships have formed long lasting personal and business friendships.
    Ivor MacGregor
    Vice President, Operations, Sodexo Canada Ltd.
  • TNDC is a great place to work. The atmosphere in the office is friendly, open, and honest, and there is always humour and laughter. I like that TNDC maintains an active approach of hiring locally and offers training within that position. Employees are highly encouraged and supported to advance professionally, which ripples into advancing personally as well.
    Rhonda Quock
    Finance & Administration Manager, TNDC
  • We’ve had many projects in Tahltan territory through our Rescan Tahltan Environmental Consultants (RTEC) partnership, and the experience has been excellent. TNDC’s management team has been an honorable and knowledgeable group to work with. They always look at ways to make things work, and we have developed lasting friendships. It’s been an honour to work together.
    Clem Pelletier
    former CEO, Rescan Group
  • Ledcor recognized the benefits offered through the Tahltan’s local expertise and experience, and welcomed the opportunity to involve community members in projects. We established Tahltan-Ledcor Joint Venture back in 1991 when we managed construction on the Eskay Creek mine. We value the partnership with TNDC and look forward to the opportunities ahead within Tahltan traditional territory.
    Rodger McLean
    Past Business Development & Aboriginal Relations Manager, Ledcor
  • We formed our Tahltan Aeronigma Geodis Wilson partnership in 2011. It’s been an honour to partner with TNDC for the opportunity to provide our wide-range of global logistical services and be a part of a world class organization built on mutual cooperation, trust and respect. They’re a terrific group of educated, business friendly people eager to learn and work with us.
    Adam J. Wickstead
    President, Aeronigma Solutions Inc.