Executive's Message

Jamie Gleason
Managing Director



Managing Director's Message - September 2021

It has been an eventful few months since I assumed the role of Managing Director, finalizing contract service agreements, getting up to speed on TNDC’s business, and assessing operations. The work season is well underway and our focus has been on supporting our clients and employees, elevating performance, improving processes, and expanding services across business areas. Implementing COVID-19 measures to protect our crews, the community and everyone we work with remains a business reality.

Improving our safety performance

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and requires the commitment of all employees in embracing a SAFETY FIRST, SAFETY ALWAYS mindset, to ensure everyone goes home safe. Our safety team has been working with our crews on risk management, prevention of injuries/incidents, and identification of hazards before they become an issue. The team is also developing a digital safety training program to support safety knowledge, achieve our safety goals and continue improving our safety performance.

Becoming an employer of choice

In addition to scaling up crews for projects, our HR team has begun implementing plans to support employee engagement, recruitment and retention, to ensure we remain a competitive employer. These initiatives include a multi-phase corporate wage review to foster wage equity, beginning with our Construction Division, which resulted in wage increases for most employees. The review and adjustments are being extended to other business areas, including Camp Services. In the coming months we will be rolling out additional initiatives, including performance management, as part of our HR strategy.

Growing our team and services

We have introduced several new positions to support our business growth and better manage operations. In particular, expansion of our air support services at the Dease Lake Airport where we are the Contract Airport Operator. This exciting evolution is providing new employment and training opportunities. We also created new positions to direct Regional Services, finance, operations, and manage our partnerships and new business pursuits. Our field operations team has also grown, with the addition of new administrator/human resources personnel, a cross shift Project Manager position and a second Fleet Manager at Newcrest Red Chris Mine. Having a qualified, experienced team at the management level to oversee our business divisions and operations is vital to improving efficiencies and serving our clients.  

Scaling up services at Red Chris

We finalized a three-year contract extending our general service agreement at Red Chris, which brings certainty to our business. We have started working on a preliminary underground contract, partnering with Barminco (a leading global tunnelling service provider). The summer season sees an increase in our employment requirements, with the addition of a night shift on TIA construction and serving the seasonal increase in mine site employees for camp services. We remain grateful to Newcrest for their continued support of TNDC in growing our scope of services.

Serving our clients

In exploration, crews and equipment are on site at KSM, supporting construction at two camps, data collection at a glacier offset project, and construction of a new access road. At SnipGold-Johnny Mountain, we are supporting ongoing reclamation work and conducting access road repairs and upgrades. At Eskay Creek, we are carrying out road maintenance and improvements to the existing access road, while our camp services crews are serving seasonal personnel at Skeena Resource’s site. On regional projects, we have had crews carrying out Telegraph Creek Fire reclamation work and Telegraph Road wash out repairs, and are preparing crews to work on improvements at the Dease Lake airport.

Working with our partners

TNDC’s business success is intricately intertwined with our clients, partners, suppliers and Tahltan organizations. Being a trusted partner that delivers on client commitments safely and responsibly is our promise. We are optimistic for the 2021 work season and moving several other business opportunities forward to continue bringing benefits to the Tahltan Nation.  

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