Executive's Message

Jamie Gleason
Managing Director



Managing Director's Message - April 2021

It is an honour to be appointed Managing Director of TNDC by its board of directors. I am excited for our company and its future. TNDC remains set up for success to carry it through the leadership transition and into the future.

Having served on TNDC’s board of directors since 2014, I am fortunate to have a solid understanding of TNDC’s operations. I am also grateful to have an experienced, long-tenured, and dedicated management team to support me in getting fully up-to-speed on the many priorities and initiatives underway.  

Working together, we will maintain quality of services and support a smooth transition for TNDC’s employees, customers and partners. Our team is busy ramping up for the 2021 work season, which is shaping up to be one of the busiest in recent years. We also have several other significant business initiatives in various stages of discussion, development and execution, which we look forward to bringing to fruition.

Our collective priority will continue to be on the safety of our employees and everyone we work with, ensuring everyone goes home safely, while also managing protocols associated with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We will also focus on delivering on client commitments, as a safe, professional, reliable, quality service provider and trusted partner.

I thank the Tahltan Leadership and TNDC’s board of directors for entrusting me with the important responsibility of managing the Tahltan Nation’s business arm during this transition. I also want to thank TNDC’s employees, managers and partners for their support and continued commitment to our customers. Together, we will remain focused on advancing TNDC’s strategy, growing our core business and creating new revenue streams that foster employment and training opportunities, and benefit the Tahltan community.

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