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Clint Keso



CEO's Message - Nov 15, 2019

As the 2019 work season winds down, planning for TNDC’s spring 2020 season ramps up. Preliminary reports indicate another positive season for our Heavy Construction and Camp Services divisions.

Since joining TNDC in July, I have been assessing business operations to identify challenges that limit our growth potential and solutions to meet the higher standards required by industry. To ensure TNDC’s long term success, we must build our capabilities as a professional, qualified service provider.

This requires strengthening our safety culture and practices, improving operations, restructuring some departments, and enhancing the knowledge, capabilities and professionalism of our team.

The health and safety of our people and everyone we work with is paramount.
TNDC attained two important certifications that elevate our professional reputation and commitment to health and safety:

  • COR (certificate of recognition) program, recognized by WorkSafe BC for workplace safety and continual improvement, is required to bid on government contracts
  • SAFE (Safety Accord Forestry Enterprise) certification, required by the BC Forest Safety Council, is required to bid on forestry work in BC

My thanks to everyone who contributed to achieving these milestones. These are prime examples of how TNDC will continually be working to enhance our business practices to meet the new expectations that come with new clients. We will be adding to our safety program to meet industry standards while fostering a safety culture that reinforces individual responsibility and accountability.

Training will be at the forefront of program implementation.
We will be introducing new programs to improve data tracking, cost reporting, fleet management and operational processes, while providing training to support implementation. We will also help our team to obtain the qualifications to meet industry standards.

While TNDC employees are at the heart of our company, Tahltan members are the future.
We must build the capacity of our people and shape the minds of our youth. TNDC plans to work with TCG’s training and education department to offer programs that deliver the skills TNDC requires, as well as build relationships with schools to make our youth aware of the opportunities within our Nation’s company.

Some initiatives are in the early planning stages, while others will require longer term implementation. With the support of Tahltan organizations, TNDC’s board of directors and business partners, I am confident we can strengthen TNDC’s corporate structure and reinvigorate its corporate culture to elevate its reputation and maintain its legacy as the business arm of the Tahltan Nation.

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  • Sodexo Canada has been a partner with TNDC since 2002, providing complete camp management through Spatsizi Remote Services. During this time we have worked on many projects, and employed many Tahltan members. It’s been very positive, and the business relationships have formed long lasting personal and business friendships.
    Ivor MacGregor
    Former VP Canadian Operations - Onshore Energy & Mining, Energy & Resources, Sodexo 
  • TNDC is a great place to work. The atmosphere in the office is friendly, open, and honest, and there is always humour and laughter. I like that TNDC maintains an active approach of hiring locally and offers training within that position. Employees are highly encouraged and supported to advance professionally, which ripples into advancing personally as well.
    Rhonda Quock
    Manager Finance, Accounting & Administration, TNDC