Supporting Health and Fitness for Red Chris Camp Employees

Maintaining a healthy diet and fitness regime can be a challenge for some people working at a remote camp. In addition to providing catering, housekeeping and facilities maintenance services at the Red Chris mine, the SRS-Sodexo partnership is supporting a Quality of Life initiative which is helping Red Chris camp workers improve their health and fitness. Mahmoud (Moe) Asheery is a Sodexo personal trainer available to support camp workers in achieving their health and fitness goals.

“It all starts with their personal goals,” Moe explains. “Whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, cardiovascular training or improved flexibility, I work with them to develop a nutrition plan and fitness routine, then provide the guidance and support to help drive their motivation. I teach them proper equipment operation, breathing techniques, number of repetitions and sets, stretching routines and rest days to ensure they maximize their workout and avoid injury.”

Moe started at Red Chris last February and has nearly 80 clients, including SRS, TNDC and Red Chris employees. Colin Kilby is a long-time SRS employee and Head Chef at Red Chris, who has lost more than 60 lbs since he began working with Moe last spring. Colin’s goal was focussed on weight loss, following a health issue that kept him off work for eight weeks.

“Mo has been instrumental in my health and fitness journey,” Colin shares. “He created a nutrition plan and fitness program, which includes doing cardio each morning and lifting weights four days a week. In addition to the weight loss, I feel better and have more energy. Mo’s guidance and support helps my motivation, and having access to his instruction seems to be motivating for others, too. The gym is busier and people are eating healthier.”

Moe modifies his work hours to accommodate the split shifts (6:30 am to 6:30 pm/6:30 pm to 6:30 am) and time off to overlap the two transition shifts (two weeks on/two weeks off). He equips his clients with the knowledge to maintain their programs when they’re away from camp. On top of the one-on-one client appointments, he spends time in the gym providing direction on equipment usage and answering questions. Moe’s wellness training participants comprise roughly one third of the camp population.

As a value-added Quality of Life service, wellness training helps to create healthier employees. Research shows employees who participate on an exercise routine sleep better, feel better and work better. Studies also indicate that weight loss, confidence, muscle gain and higher energy levels can help contribute to an overall improved performance in the workplace.


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  • TNDC is a great place to work. The atmosphere in the office is friendly, open, and honest, and there is always humour and laughter. I like that TNDC maintains an active approach of hiring locally and offers training within that position. Employees are highly encouraged and supported to advance professionally, which ripples into advancing personally as well.
    Rhonda Quock
    Office Manager, TNDC
  • We established the Tahltan Macro Industries Joint Venture with TNDC in 2009. Macro is very satisfied with the relationship we have with TNDC. The company has a reputation of being a solid and reputable business corporation, that emphasizes value added partnerships and business developments. We look forward to working with TNDC in future opportunities.
    Darcy Friesen
    Manager of Business Development & Special Projects, Macro Industries
  • We’ve completed a number of projects though our FrontierMEDEX Tahltan Ltd. partnership since we became a partner back in 2007. It’s been extremely positive. TNDC has been terrific to work with and we’re looking forward to continuing to build the business partnership.
    Ryan Steil
    Past General Manger, Canada, FrontierMEDEX Canada Ltd.
  • We formed our Tahltan Aeronigma Geodis Wilson partnership in 2011. It’s been an honour to partner with TNDC for the opportunity to provide our wide-range of global logistical services and be a part of a world class organization built on mutual cooperation, trust and respect. They’re a terrific group of educated, business friendly people eager to learn and work with us.
    Adam J. Wickstead
    President, Aeronigma Solutions Inc.
  • Sodexo Canada has been a partner with TNDC since 2002, providing complete camp management through Spatsizi Remote Services. During this time we have worked on many projects, and employed many Tahltan members. It’s been very positive, and the business relationships have formed long lasting personal and business friendships.
    Ivor MacGregor
    Vice President, Operations, Sodexo Canada Ltd.
  • Ledcor recognized the benefits offered through the Tahltan’s local expertise and experience, and welcomed the opportunity to involve community members in projects. We established Tahltan-Ledcor Joint Venture back in 1991 when we managed construction on the Eskay Creek mine. We value the partnership with TNDC and look forward to the opportunities ahead within Tahltan traditional territory.
    Rodger McLean
    Past Business Development & Aboriginal Relations Manager, Ledcor